Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Entrepreneurial Spirit

I have an entrepreneurial spirit! I'm always thinking of cool new businesses to start. The catch is that I'm not that much of a risk taker, at least not when it comes to my livelihood. So, if I could be in the business of thinking up businesses for someone else to start, I could probably make a fortune!

Here's my latest idea - this one is a modification of two ideas already on the market. I've just read in the recent Time about the newest "dahling" on the coffee house scene. It's chocolate "bars"!!
They serve all varieties imaginable of hot chocolate, plus other sugary drinks (including coffee and tea). Of course, they also feature exquisite chocolate truffles. They tend to be pretty shi-shi places. My idea would be to open a chocolate/tea bar. Have tea be the featured drink (tho I'd probably have to offer hot chocolate and coffee, too), and serve all kinds of chocolate treats. I think it sounds like such fun! At the same time, it's basically running a restaurant - and that's not so fun. That's why I don't open a tea room, even though I've seriously considered and even quasi searched for space. It's a restaurant; that can't be ignored.

So, if any of you pioneers out there are looking for a business...maybe this chocolate & tea bar is the one for you!


Anonymous said...

Yummy! You'd be great if you set out on this path. (I know, it's a TON of work!)

Allison said...

Funny, I'm always coming up with these ideas too and a chocolate shop is one thing I've considered. Too bad we don't live near each other- we could do this together!!

Steph said...

Oh, gosh - we could do chocolate and counseling together. I see so many parallels between those things. Throw in tea, and we'd be perfect!

Connie said...

wow....now that sounds like a money maker...who doesnt like chocolate!!!!!