Sunday, August 07, 2005


I was a greeter at church this morning. My job was to hand out programs as folks entered the sanctuary. One mom and two youngsters entered right as the service began. The boy was about 5 and the girl was about 3. They sat in the seats nearest the door, and thus me. As the little girl sat down, she lifted up her sun dress. She did this as I turned my head toward her and I noticed she didn't have on any skivvies. Her mother noticed at the same moment, and whispered, as she put her hand over her daughter's to lower the dress, "Where did your panties go?" The little girl, still squirming but trying to get settled in the chair that was much too big for her, said, "I didn't want to wear them!" At this, the mother did an incredible job of not bursting out in a fit of laughter. She just helped her daughter get settled and had a much-deserved chuckle! So did I!

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Connie said...

ah yes!!! kids march to their own drum :) parents have no control..ha!!!