Friday, August 12, 2005

Major Setback in the World of Teapots

Hello, All - I was so saddened today when I learned that Jenaer Glass is going out of business! The company's Mikado teapot is my absolute favorite - I love the teapot's beauty, the abilty to observe the tea as it unfolds, and the practical benefit that it doesn't drip! I posted a photo of this teapot previously.

My wholesale supplier is out of the teapot - and not able to get more. However, I was put into direct contact with the comany, and it does have a few teapots left in the warehouse. If you're interested in one, act quickly. Here is the URL to purchase a Mikado: See the other lines of teapots by clicking on the small tabs near the top of the screen (Petit, Luna, etc.) Against my rational judgement, I have just made a very emotional purchase on the Luna. I can't imagine this teapot line going away! This is definitely sad news for the tea world!

Ironically, last Saturday evening, the DH and I hosted a dinner party. I used the Jenaer teapot with much success. One of our guests was German, so I asked him to interpret many of the long German words on the box. It was great fun! He shared with me that the Jenaer region in Germany is famous for its world-class glassmaking.


Connie said...

the no - drip part is important. Several years ago Martin bought me a 1930 Spode teapot. It is beautiful...I tried it out that day...beautifully made and no drip!

Steph said...

Lots of discussion on this topic on my tea listserv. One participant had a company contact. The bottom line - competition from the Chinese market has simply underpriced Jenaer so that it's no longer profitable to produce the goods. Sad.