Monday, February 27, 2006

Art & Etiquette of the British Afternoon Tea Class in Midwest

I held my first Art and Etiquette of the British Afternoon Tea class in the Midwest this past Saturday. It was great fun!

I developed this class for the Continuing Education program at the University of New Mexico. When we moved to the Midwest, I worked with the local Continuing Ed group to offer the class here.

My group of 18 students seemed to have a lovely time. I asked students to bring their favorite teacup/saucer or mug. Many of them shared stories about the history of their cup, or loved teaware at home.
The tea class covered the differences between types of tea, how tea is processed, history of tea, tea etiquette, how to make a great pot of tea, and tea appreciation. I will be offering the class again in the fall.

Many thanks to the students for enriching the afternoon!

(Unfortunately, I was so busy, I forgot to take any photos!)


505 John said...

Wow, 18 attendees. That's great.

Teafan said...

Wish I lived closer to take the class!

Allison said...

Steph- This is really cool! I admire you for finding such a cool way to share your passion!