Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Angels Among Us?

Having a cup of Angel's Dream, which I thought appropriate for this post. :-)
(Angel's Dream is a black tea scented and lightly flavored with maple and blackberry.)

In my life, the universe seems to send me the same message over and over, until I finally make conscious contact with it and integrate the idea into my being. This process occurs over time, usually about 2 years. For example, the most recent item dealt with looking for what's right with a situation as my first response (instead of what's wrong). This was a hard one for me, as even my professional training has taught me to be analytical in a negative sense. This message was reinforced as I learned about Appreciative Inquiry, strengths-based employee assessment, etc.

I think I've discovered the most recent message from the universe. I had this message slam into me (that's almost how it feels) three times over the past weekend. It started Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market. I had a conversation with a man who travels around the country asking people deep questions. It's not the type of conversation I expected to have, but I'm glad that I remained open to it. He and I spoke about what love felt like. In the course of the conversation, he said, "What would the world be like if we assumed that everyone was an angel?" That was an interesting proposition. Then, on Sunday, I heard discussions on assuming the best intention on others' parts. Now, these are not new concepts to me. The difference is the depth with which they entered my conscious thoughts.

Either the universe has a plan for me, or I seek it out myself. Either way, I expect more opportunities to experience and think this through to come my way.

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John said...

I think if everyone was an angel it would be a bummer because then there would be no people to talk to. And it would ruin my atheism. LOL. There's a Buddhist practice in lovingkindness that directs love towards difficult people and also asks that we find something likeable about that person. And yet if that is hard to do we can acknowledge that they are like every other person and are in pursuit of some happiness in life. The last one is the best for me because I just think 'they are just trying to make themselves happy' and they deserve to be happy...so I see they are just like me...wanting to be happy and free of suffering.