Friday, June 30, 2006

My neighbor (my Opera instructor and friend) recently moved. I hosted a farewell tea for her, using some of my favorite china. I will miss her! I learned a great deal from her about opera and music in general. She and her hubby were interesting and conscientious folks. I wish them well in their new locale and adventures.
I thought this china was perfect for our tea party because the women in the scene have beautiful hair, and it reminded me of my neighbor. She also has the most gorgeous hair!

I found this china in a consignment shop in town, and instantly became charmed by it. Yet, I had promised myself a zero growth in total china stores. So, the thinning out began.

This china is exquisite - pearlized inside, gold trim, hand painted scene of Asian women in a garden. Every time I use it, I will have sweet memories of this tea party and fun times with friends next door!


Teafan said...

That's beautiful china, and the women in the painting do look like your friend!

Allison said...

What a great photo of the two of you! You look so happy and alive!