Monday, July 03, 2006

Sun Tea Yoga

8 a.m this morning, 78 degrees and a light breeze out of the west. I step outside and place the sun tea jar on the eastern corner of my neighbor's porch. The sun has just crept over the trees enough to wash my neighbor's porch corner in light, while mine remains in shadows a bit longer.

Like the tea, I face east. I spread my yoga mat and yawn, reaching up. I lower myself onto the mat and move into child's pose. It will be a gentle and slow yoga morning. I stay in child's pose for a while and listen. The wind is rustling the hollyhocks and daisies to my right. The wind also entices the wind chime to my back to melody.

I rise from child's pose and find the tea directly in my view, on my neighbor's porch. The tea jar is a nice focal point and I relax my gaze upon it. I watch the tea slowly moving up and down as the water heats. The tea leaves gently unfold, greeting the sun. I mimic this and move into a slow sun salutation, following the speed of the steeping tea. Slow and steady. Up and down. I continue listening to the gentle sounds around me. I wonder how many different birds I hear. Eventually, I wonder no more and let my mind and body move together.

Like the tea, I swim in the ocean around me - oxygen and nature. I absorb it, while it also takes on characteristics of my being.

The sun has now reached my toes as I sit in stick pose. The warmth feels wonderful as it moves up my body.

Now comes the time when I know my yoga session is complete. I have stretched enough. Like the tea, my steeping is done. I have given and received.


Allison said...

Steph- this post gave me goosebumps. What a way with words you have! Beautiful!

John said...

you might enjoy my friend's blogspot, as you are both creative and intellegent young women

Anonymous said...

Love your story.. especially since I have an appreciation for both tea and yoga...very well written.
Waiting for the flowers.

Teafan said...

Have you considered publishing? Seriously. Yoga journal or something.