Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm out of control and too responsible...

dang it! It's 5:02 pm and I've been thinking about making a cup of tea since 6:15 am today, when I started work. I've never gotten around to it. I taught a "train-the-trainer" from 7 - 9 then spent the rest of the day fighting fires. Who knew that training materials could be so political and urgent!?! Thus is the life of an IT (info technology) training developer when a product is about to be pushed to 100K employees.

Did I procrastinate? No - that's not my style. There are just too few of me and not enough time to go around. Plus, the company is laying off people. Geez! There are days when I wish they'd pick me to let go!

Now, I feel better. Thanks for reading. I'm going to go make that cup of tea and let the company live without me. I'm sure it will do fine - and that's what I need to remind myself of more often!


Steph said...

5:21 pm, now drinking that cup of tea (Imperial Green). I told the DH of my blog post, and he responded (in a good-humored way) like this: The issue is that I'm way too into being IN control and I'm a perfectionist.

Ah, yes, the truth of the matter.

I will spend tonight in therapy by turning up the music and cleaning the house!

Allison said...

I have those same fantasies about being the one that gets "picked". Somehow the words "kayak instructor in Maui" and "stay-at-home mommy" have drifted into my thoughts more and more these days! Time will tell. Stay or go, we'll adjust- whatever that will mean. :)