Friday, July 28, 2006

Hard at Work

Here's a photo the DH (dear hubbie) snapped yesterday while I was "hard at work" in a meeting. I have the incredibly great fortunate to work from my home office. And, to my defense, this meeting was at 7pm after a very long day. I just ran out of steam.

If you only knew how incredibly rare this situation is, you wouldn't envy me! Usually, I'm doing about 4 things at once: responding to e-mail, answering an instant message, working on a project, and participating in a phone meeting. I'm constantly multitasking. It's not something I enjoy, tho I am good at it. I often wonder if I could be successful at my job if I didn't have this ability. It's almost as if multitasking has become a required core competency. What I don't like about it is that I don't give my full attention to any one thing...and then in my personal life, it's sometimes an abrupt change. When I'm out of the work situation, I prefer to give my attention fully to what I'm doing, but I think I get so much practice of the other way of being, this centered, focused attention is sometimes hard for me. Nonetheless, I keep practicing.

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John said...

You're a model of corporate values...working while you sleep. I sometimes think that multi-tasking at work encourages us to not be in the present moment. I've noticed that a lot of 'good' employees are ones that cannot sit still and focus on one thing for more than one minute. I guess things have to get done, but it is almost as if we relinquish our ability to be present so that we can be busy. Or perhaps by obsessing over always 'doing' something we relinquish our ability to be present.