Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Whirly Girl

Spinning, spinning round she goes
Will she land on her feet?
Will she fall on her nose?

This is the second "circle skirt" I've made, and I love it! The skirt really moves and will be fun for swing dancing.

I like the intresting combo of the pattern and the fabric. 1950s full skirt meets late 60s Indian print fabric. The zipper is much improved from the last one I did and the waste band fits well. It was a joyous moment!


Allison said...

Steph, you're so cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Your skirt is great! Good job! I want you to make me one!!!
Love ya,

John said...

This spinning reminds me of how I drove past the los pablonos farm today where they have a lavendar field and it smelled so good and I wanted to go lay down in it and roll around.

Micki said...

Hey Girly-Girl!!

I LOVE the skirt!! Aren't you just TOO cute for words:)

How's the summer going?? Get's any hoter there and you could be in Arizona!

Sure miss chating with you...tell everybody I said hi!!

We're getting ready to head over to Ireland next month. And of course Grace Elizabeth should be born (hopefully) before we leave!

Give me a shout sometime! Love you, Mic

emilie kuyat said...

hey i really like your skirt you don't see that kind of clothing down here in
hawaii. i love it.

NM Tea Lover said...

Hooray for another skirt! I like the colors/pattern. I can see you are definitely enjoying yourself! Good for you. :D