Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Keemun and Green Chiles -- and Garrison Keillor

Oh, delight! The Kroger grocery store in town is now carrying El Pinto Green Chile Sauce! My craving for green chiles can be met. While El Pinto isn't my absolute #1 choice (I like 505 Organic)...it is pretty darn tasty, especially after a drought! Yippee! To celebrate, the DH made breakfast burritos this morning. Yummm - very good with a cup of Keemun team.

Also, we saw the movie, A Prairie Home Companion, this weekend. I loved it! Now, if you've never heard this radio show on public radio (Saturday nights), the movie will be OK - but you won't get the gist of it. (Like the powdermilk biscuit theme, or the Guy Noir reference.) I loved the movie because:
  • Garrison Keillor poked fun at himself and the show
  • The cast is awesome; Meryl Streep rocks!
  • I got to "see" what his staff looks like - the voice talent
  • I loved the not-so-subtle dissing of big business
  • The ending was really quite poignant...everything comes to an end, even ourselves

So, if you like the radio show, I think the movie does it justice. Garrison and crew will be at the University here in town this fall - I'm hoping to catch them live.

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John said...

How could they expose our NM secret to the world? That's cool. It is good that the ingredients in NM food (aside from chile) are readily available in all parts of the world. I'll have to check out that movie...just for the big business rants. I saw Keillor live in Omaha several years ago. It was really good. I don't really like his writing too much...just isn't my type of humor really. He has a fantastic voice. Yo, happy 4th. I'll be in the midwest this weekend...trying to survive the culture shock!