Thursday, December 14, 2006

Keeping Tea Hot

I don't like cold tea (when it's supposed to be hot). Actually, I'm luke-warm toward iced tea, too.

Here's how I keep my tea hot. It works tremendously well! It's a teapot warmer and you can find them at various tea stores and with a simple search online. I'm using a beeswax candle below because I don't like to burn the petro (regular) kind - especially near food.

Another tip: Use a small cup and pour out only a little tea at a time.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you!! I know who need just one of these. You're a real problem solver. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new photo, miss "golden but not blonde" hair! >-) sm

your pal John said...

I've been just using my coffee pot, making the tea in the pot and then putting it on the coffee maker burner. It works well for those mornings when I want to slurp down 3 cups.