Friday, December 29, 2006

Practicing Patience

The lot closing has been pushed out again (to January 17th). Apparently, the woman selling the lot inherited it along with her sisters. One sister recently died and the other has Alzheimer's. That sister's son needs to be power-of-attorney so he can sign off on selling the lot. We continue to wait for the paperwork to be finalized. Our realtor indicates we could walk away, but we do want the lot, so we'll wait.

I'm trying very hard to be patient about this. It's very easy for me to get frustrated and think this will never happen. That does nothing but get negative thoughts brewing in my mind, unhelpful chemicals chugging through my body, and frustrated energy flowing in the universe.

Today I'm choosing to be patient. I will be patient tomorrow, too. And so on. This is not an easy one for me, but it's what I'm doing. I'm also choosing to practice non-attachment and be OK if this lot deal doesn't go through. My happiness in the world is not tied to this lot.

Thank you for your continued good wishes! I do hope we end up with the lot, but if not it will be OK. I'm definitely learning about myself with wonderful chances to put into practice qualities I want to manifest. That's the biggest benefit.


Anonymous said...


I'll share 2 bits of wisdom that help me (the world's most impatient person) during times like these.

1. A delay is not a 'no' from God.

2. Sometimes you have to wait for a situation to develop - you may be ready but it's still not quite the right time.

Okay, there's a third tidbit that I always hate - Confucious saying - the reward for patience is patience. My response to that is, 'yea - right. I'll learn patience just as I'm dying & of course I'm in no hurry for THAT to happen!' LOL

Hang in there,

Anonymous said...

I got your message late last night, sorry. Grandma is doing alright though. I am going to spend some time with her at the hospital this afternoon, so I'll call you later. I know it is frustrating about the lot closing, but it will happen when it's supposed to. Hang in there!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Steph....hang tight sister! Good things will happen. I had to be very patient for the house we are in today and it payed off!!! I know we are trained :) to move quick and fast ..heavy sigh!! Not always the best way!!! Good Luck - Connie