Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bike, Bell and Tattoo

We're all "geared up" and ready to ride! Here's my trusty steed...

The DH took a mountain bike frame and selected the componentry to make it a very comfortable and functional touring bike.

It's a Specialized Rock Hopper frame with upright "Albatross" handlebars from Rivendell Cycles (a bike company the DH admires). I LOVE these handlebars! They let me sit up and view the world, but I also have a forward position for climbing. The bike's got inverted-tread road tires. I'm riding a leather Ideale (French) saddle. There's a rack on the back that carries a trunk bag. I have 3 chain rings and 8 rear cassette cogs, giving me a total of 24 gears (tho some of them may be duplicate and not all are usable, as is typical ). I have plenty of easy gears to get me up the hills but also some tough-to-pedal gears to go fast on the flats. I'm using old-fashioned toe clip and strap pedals, which I love! I don't cinch them down. I like the easy entry and exit for my foot, but yet I still get some stability and support.

I ring the beehive bike bell each time I reach the top of a big hill.
The tattoo was a recent addition - this morning! A little-known fact about me is that I really like tattoos! I think they are so cool. Alas, I'm too chicken to get a real one. So, on this trip, I will be a well-tattooed woman, albeit temporarily.


Just John said...

A tattoo would look good on your even skin tone. I like them too, but never motivated to get one myself. What I am suprised to see about your bike is that old-school saddle. Can you ride that thing? The only people I know that ride brooks saddles are guys that over 60 and have been riding forever. Good luck on your ride. Sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

Love the tattoo!! Mary

Kas said...

Have a really lovely time, both of you! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!!

Anonymous said...

Sure am glad it is washable!! :)
Have a safe and fun time.

Anonymous said...

Steph! great tattoo.....I love looks great on you!! I know you will have so much fun!!! Take Care - Connie

Anonymous said...

Steph, you are the most beautiful & amazing woman!

The tattoo looks GREAT! If you ever work up the courage to get a permanent one, that would be a great design. Looks like Mom might not be so happy if you did though. ;-)

I LOVE that bike bell - I've never seen anything like it. And what a great concept to ring it after conquering a hill!

I'm thinking of you on your trip - did you get caught up in the storm & winds yesterday? From what I saw on the national weather, I couldn't tell if the storm hit where you were or not, but I saw downed trees & thought of you peddling along like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz!

Happy & safe travels! Cindy