Monday, June 04, 2007

la Coccinelle Chapeau

I've been waiting for weeks to post about this lovely and festive coccinelle chapeau. (If my translations are accurate, this means ladybird hat.) I wanted the perfect picture - I considered one wearing it, holding it, etc. etc. etc. However, I recently snapped this while admiring the beauty from my work desk. You see, this is how I see it every day. It sits atop a small bookshelf next to my work desk and in front of the lovely fabric hanging in my office as a divider. It fits in so well with the fabrics and the colors in my office! When I saw this, I knew I finally had my snapshot!
My cousin made this as a gift for me. She chose stargazer lilies for the top, as those are the flowers I used in my wedding bouquet (11 years ago this August).

Thank you, Kas!

See more of my cousin's artwork at her Next Designs blog. She's amazingly diverse in her creations! Jewelry, hats, paper crafts, paper weights, frames, and much more!

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Kas said...

So happy you are enjoying sharing your space! I'm a firm believer that it refreshes us to gaze on something lovingly made. And your translation is correct ~ it means ladybird or ladybug hat! I named my hat line after "The Ladybug Picnic" song which is always a favorite around here!
love to you & T