Monday, May 19, 2008

Bike to Church Day

Friends biking to church

I rode my bike to church yesterday. I was participating in "Bike to Church" day. Many local churches came together to support alternative transportation options for getting to church - biking, walking, public transit, carpooling. At the height of the bike scene at my church yesterday, I counted about 20 riders, and that doesn't include the first service riders or any walkers or carpoolers.

The DH and I have a car. We drive it about once a week, and that's out of convenience and not need. I'm not bragging here, but rather trying to show that it can be done. We've structured our life so that the car is not necessary. I have such an intense sense of freedom by not being dependent on the car.

I am blessed to live in a community where churches can put aside differences and work together toward healing the earth. To me, protecting the environment is an absolutely crucial spiritual path. After all, tending the garden is job one.

The DH (dear hubby), checking out the bike scene

Riding a bike gives me time to stop and check out the flowers.

I would have blown right by this guy (or gal?) in a car.
Bicycling really lets me see the world.

On the way home, we stopped by a sign that read "free plants."


Michele said...

Steph, I just love that you saw a turtle on your ride! I will have to show your post to my son, he will be so amazed!!

sweetcakes said...

It was a beautiful day to be out riding! I was impressed by all the families that rode to church, as well as the distances that people rode to get there.

crescent said...

Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures. I live in the country and one of our favorite things to do is look for the turtles who like to sun themselves on a log in the lake where we live!

After many many many years of being in walking distance of most things I need - or within walking distance of a train that would take me to and from work, etc - i find myself in a beautiful rural location that is near NOTHING.

I found this site that rates an address for its walk friendliness:

My home rates a 0. But my Authenticity space in Bloomington rates an 82 out of a 100, which isn't bad at all. So once I've arrived at my office... I can get to a lot of places on foot, which i try to do.

I also make sure to organize my errands so that I stop at places as I pass them on my way to and from work... rather than making separate trips.

I am looking for an all electric car that has enough range to get me to and from work with enough leeway to run a few other errands without running out of juice.

Thanks. Good to stop by your site and engage with you on sustainability.. and the joys of slowing down to experience the world.

in munay,

VeeTea said...

Thanks so much for this post! It's wonderful to see another tea blogger promoting sustainability through biking. And the pictures are great!

I'm a biker, too. in NYC you don't need to own a car because of public transit, but now that the weather is warm, I hardly ever ride the trains and buses. It actually takes me less time to bike to a number of my "top spots" in the city than it does to ride the train. Haha!