Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun Tea Things

Here are a few tea treasures I've received recently. My sincere thanks to the gift givers!

A gift from Wm
You can find these at 1-800-Flowers

A gift from AZ Tea Lover
The inside says, "The quality of being open and truthful while drinking tea"
Indeed - that is what I hope to be!

AZ tea lover chose this one for herself
The inside says, "Having more creative ability while drinking tea"


VeeTea said...

I like the creativi tea mug. It's fitting--Tea contains a substance called l-theophylline, which increases the production of alpha waves in the brain. These are also produced during meditation and massage, and they increase right-left brain connectivity, which promotes non-lateral thinking (a.k.a. "creativity"). Cool!

Philigry said...

i love tea cups. i have some that i like to plant flowers in, or put small bunches of flowers in. it looks like you have quite a collection.

Anonymous said...

What adorable gifts! And I am fascinated by veetea's comment regarding theophylline. I have not heard of that before. I'm off to do a little research.

artandtea said...

Oh good, I always somehow knew that drinking tea is good for creativity. ;-)
Your gifts are absolutely lovely. I just love the teacup with the ladybug on the side. Adorable!