Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Books with Positive Messages for Girls

I think these books would be a great start to giving positive messages to our young girls (and boys!). I'm showing the Amazon link (unless otherwise noted), but I bet many of these are at my local library, too. Note: I haven't read any of these - just the reviews. If YOU have recommendations for other books (etc.) with positive-girl messages, please leave the name in a comment!

Call Me Madame President - By Sue Pyatt. "This is the story of Amanda, a delightful, imaginative eight-year-old who hasn't any trouble envisioning herself as President of the United States and longs to show her older brother a thing or two. The story is told against the backdrop of Washington, D.C. with all the splendor and charm of the famous places. It is obviously a timely and uplifting book for girls from three to eight years and their families. Perhaps it is particularly uplifting to little girls with troublesome older brothers."

The Girls' Book Of... - (Link to author's site.) Series by Catherine Dee. Topics include Girls' Book of: Wisdom, Friends, Love, Success, Life.

100 Women Who Shaped History - By Gail Meyer Rolka "This selection of 100 profiles reveals how much women have done to shape history. Beginning with Queen Makare Hatshepsut (c. 1503-1468 B.C.) and concluding with Rigoberta Menchu, still actively involved in human rights issues, the concisely written profiles span history and place each woman's accomplishments within the context of the society in which she lived. As a bonus for readers who enjoy trivia and challenges, Rolka includes a trivia quiz and a list of related projects. A time line, locator maps, cross-references, and an index are planned. With those promised additions, the book, while not inclusive, will be a must for women's history collections." Patricia Braun, Booklist

33 Things Every Girl Should Know about Women's History: From Suffragettes to Skirt Lengths to the E.R.A - Edited by Tonya Bolden. "Begins with Abigail Adams's 1776 letter to her husband, 'Remember the Ladies,' proceeds through Charlotte Perkins Gilman's groundbreaking 'The Yellow Wallpaper' (excerpted) and includes thoughtful reflections on other leading women, such as Patricia McKissack's fictional essay narrated by Charlotte Woodward (the only woman in attendance at the Seneca Falls convention still alive to exercise her right to vote). Period photographs, quotes, timelines, bios and varied typography give the volume an attractive, accessible feel." Cahners Business Information, Inc.

Girls Rock! Fifty Years of Women Making Music - "When Leah Hinchcliff played her guitar in a fourth grade talent show, a male classmate said, "You can’t play guitar because you’re a girl." I'm not sure what age this books is for - so read the online descriptions.

What good "girl-positive" books do you know of?


Brittiny said...

I have a whole series by Lynn Ewing called Daughters of the Moon (13 books in all). Ewing is a councilor for teenagers, which inspired the series.

The Daughters of the Moon series is finished, but she has a new series out right now called The Sisters of Isis.

Obviously, both series are written for ages 13-18 and mainly for girls, but even though I'm in my 20's I still enjoy reading The Sisters of Isis as each new book is published.

Teafan said...

You know, I've always thought that Anne of Green Gables had a lot of spunk!

Steph said...

Thanks! I also found this list: http://www.randomhouse.com/rhpg/promos/greatbooks/booklist.html