Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Little Red Book

With a sense of urgency, I realized that there was a whole generation whose stories would never be told unless someone did something. And so, for the sake of posterity, I decided to commit social suicide and starting asking about first periods. Although my questions made some women cringe, the replies made it all worthwhile. With each new story, I felt that I had stumbled upon buried treasure that deserved to be shared. Thus began My Little Red Book. --Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

This is a book about first periods. It's also a book about the universality and connectedness of women, and also about the diversity and uniqueness among us. One thing is for sure- we each have a first period story.

I'm inspired by the author, an 18-year-old who collected these stories. I'm even more inspired that funds from the book's sale will go to helping girls in Africa stay in school by providing them the necessary sanitary supplies, water, education and private toilets.

Esme turned me on to this book, and I'm very grateful. When the time is right, I'm going to recommend it to my niece. And maybe I'll share my first period story.


Esmerelda said...

Thanks Stephanie! I loved this book and I think everyone needs to read it (men and women eh!)

I miss you madly. I was recalling your lovely tea party birthday to my fellow FLA sisters and they were jealous. They all wanted to come. They thought tea and crafting with women all day sounded like heaven.

I feel blessed to know you. Even if you don't eat white sugar! : )


Steph said...

Esme - I miss you, too! I still EAT white sugar - and plenty of it! I just don't cook with it! ;-)

Hootie said...

Let me in on this HUG-fest will you!

You are both sweethearts and no wonder you have been attracted to each other! Kind souls just seem to migrate towards one another!

As for My Little Red Book, Steph, I thought you all ready read it! I think I had it, if it's the copy from the library, before you! I thought it was the reverse! In fact I went to p/u a book I requested about Hysterectomies and and the clerk told me I had another book. Talk about beginnings and endings! When I got to page 34...and there was nothing significant about page 34, but when I got there I got all giddy because I thought - "Gosh! Two of my friends have read this very same book and this very same page!"

Wacky, I know!

What a fun, enlightening read! I found myself laughing and connecting to so many others as I read it. I also kept telling my daughter SHE needs to read it.

My thanks again to Esme, and our library, for the recommendation, the request to purchase it and the ease of checking out good materials.

Hugs to you both! :)

comfrey cottages said...

thanks for sharing about this marvelous book steph. one i need to get for the granddaughters when it is time to share with them! hugs :)

Allison said...

This sounds interesting and reminded me of how I loved "Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret" when I was going through this "change" myself. :-)

sweetcakes said...

Both you and Esme have convinced me to read this book and I put it on my library request list.