Friday, April 09, 2010

A Posy for My Sweater

I love this red sweater.  Yet, I've had it for a looooong time and wanted to do something new with it.  So I added a posy!  I got the idea for free-style machine embroidery this from the book, Bend the Rules with Fabric (at my library!).  I wanted the flower to look whimsical, like a doodle, imperfect like real life. 

I didn't have the book instructions in front of me, so I winged it (a risky proposition with me and sewing, so I'm pleased it worked!).  I recalled that I needed to reinforce the fabric, so I added a bit of light interfacing on the back side.  I drew, with disappearing fabric ink, the general sketch of the flower.  Then I stitched it, round the stem and each petal twice for the doodle look.  I believe Amy Karol calls for using a free-motion technique, but I don't have that sewing equipment.  So, I just went really slowly.  Two stitches, stop with the needle down, lift presser foot and pivot, and so on. 

I think it makes the grade.  The real joy for me is having something fresh without being a consumer!


Marlena said...

I think it looks great!just like a nice fresh doodle.!

Greenmare said...

Looks GREAT! good job!

Linda J. said...

It is fun for me to watch you enjoy sewing! I was a home ec. major and "had" to sew for classes, but never "enjoyed" it.

Kas said...

This is fantastic Steph!