Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things I Know About Work Today

My little piece contributes to the big picture

Things I Know About Work Today:
  • It feels good to get stuff done 
  • I want more time to think, to plan instead of do, do, do
  • Using the PC without a mouse is bad for my wrist!! 
  • I can go from dreading my job to loving my job in the same day
  • I still worry too much, even tho I've sworn off worry
  • I work hard (sometimes too hard) and I do good work
  • People turn their heads to see what's coming when I walk down the hall in my purposeful, fast way; I think that's funny 
  • My little piece contributes to the big picture


Anonymous said...

You have always had that fast, determined walk!

Angela McRae said...

I like this! (It's been a week of highs and lows where I work, so I *particularly* enjoyed this today!)

massagematters said...

What a great post...we can all relate in one way or another. Oh, but when I think of your walk...I think of how noisy it can be, too. :)

parTea lady said...

We share several traits. I walk very fast, struggle with being a worry-wart (as my Mom used to call me) and definitely have my ups and downs.

What a great photo.

Valrie said...

Dear Stephanie,

Top of the day to you!
Running fast here too -
On my way out the door
To see what my day enstores.
Yesterday out on the land
I found the first gift at hand
And now I'll ask you more advice
Of what you think is really nice?
You see I am your partner this year
For the tea cup saucer pair...
Teas so sweet or spicy too,
Which ones have most flavor to you?
Delectable sweets to pass the time
Whilst sipping tea;reading rhymes,
What treasures stir your heart?
What tea best for the morn's start?
A favorite color or a pattern used?
I prefer those teals and blues...
'Round the world I travel with tea
For you I'll make friendship tea!
So at last this poem shall end
So I'll your treasure swap begin!

Love! Valrie

Valrie said...

Dear Step,

I just received your wonderful note! Thanks and I just posted tghe poem on my blog and a link to you!

Went to go to work and they had closed the schools unbeknownst to me. Now I have much research to do and so off to write, read, and enjoy a spot of tea!


Marilyn said...

Things I do remember about myself when I worked. Oh, that determined walk and working too hard. I hope you have time this weekend to walk softly and slowly and savor the day.

mep said...

I think it must feel really good to know yourself and your work that well! I have that determined walk as well, though I don't think my kids take heed of it!