Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A new Teavana in Town

There's a new Teavana in town. I had the chance to visit it last night.  These stores are fun for me because they do a great job with their retail displays.  And I was sorely, sorely tempted by some cast iron saucers for small Asian cups.  I resisted.

However, I did not resist one of these filters for the office.  It's stainless, has plenty of room for the tea to move around, yet holes small enough that the leaves won't escape. And the silicone cap keeps the heat in while steeping, along with acting as a saucer.

While none of the camellia sinensis blends tempted me, I did come home with a very citrusy herbal blend. 

One suggestion I have for Teavana:  The blends they were serving at the front door clearly had sweetener in them. (I asked - it was sugar.)  Yet that info was not presented clearly.  Someone new to tea or herbal blends might assume that it was "naturally sweet" when in fact it wouldn't be.

Do you have a Teavana (or other mall-based tea retailer) near you?

*Photos and logo from Teavana.com


La Tea Dah said...

A beautiful strainer --- I like the design very much. I agree with you about the sample teas. The sugar should have been disclosed. I personally love tea "plain" when I can really taste the tea and not the sweetener. I suppose the general public does not and since they usually sell in malls and such, they do what will produce the most sales to the general public.

Hootie said...

I am SO envious! I really, really LOVE their Chai blend and need to go to Indy to pick some up. Very cool for you though! :)

Marilyn said...

Now where is this new Teavana? The cast iron saucers sound fascinating. I have one that I dearly love and use with some of my Asian cups.

Angela McRae said...

Love the strainer, and it sounds like it works really well which is of course THE requirement for these pieces! I'm surprised about the tea being sweetened. I totally agree with you about this being labeled -- or better yet, avoided. With all the great-tasting teas they sell at Teavana, why not emphasize the healthy aspect of drinking something naturally sweet? There's not a Teavana in my town but there are a couple in Atlanta, so at least I have access!