Saturday, June 18, 2011


I visited the International Rose Test Garden yesterday, and it was heaven!  The roses are coming into the first flush (bloom), and the colors were exquisite.  The temps were warm and it was sunny.  (Unfortunately, most of my photos were over-exposed b/c I got caught up in the real-time experience.  Not such a bad thing.)

If you can get there, it's a beautiful thing to see (and it's free!).  My tour guide said the peak would be between now and early July, but the roses will keep blooming and be special through September.


{ T G L } said...

Those are really pretty and they don't look too overexposed to me :) Glad you had a good time!

This Good Life

Esmerelda said...

When I visit, I really want to see this.

Alex Zorach said...

I love roses...I love anywhere (rose gardens or gardens of anything really) where there are numerous different varieties of a given type of plant. I find the diversity to be beautiful and sometimes astounding.

In roses though, in the end, I like the big fluffy pink roses the best, the floppy ones with the yellow center, my mom calls them "old fashioned roses". They have the most intense can't pick them and give them as gifts very well because they do not have long, straight stems, they are all viney and thorny. But there's nothing like the smell of them.

My other favorite rose variety is the beach rose with the huge rose-hips that are sweet enough to eat as fruit.

Steph said...

Oh, Alex - I've never had a rose hip sweet enough to eat like that!

Angela McRae said...

I would have been in heaven as I am a huge lover of roses, and was long before I plastered them on my teacups, jewelry and furnishings! The rose will always be the queen of flowers to me. I love this photo collage too!