Thursday, June 16, 2011

Waiting for Good Things

I've been waiting for this strawberry, the first from our garden, for several weeks.  The blossoms came, then the little green baby fruit, and then I had to wait.  Wait.              Wait.                                                    Wait.                Waiting for good things.  It's hard to wait, even for the good things in life.

I'm doing a lot of waiting for good things right now.  I'm trying nobly at being patient.  I know the good things are just a few weeks away!  I try to stay grounded in the present moment and not get ahead of myself, but that's an easy temptation.

Are you, too, waiting for good things?  How do you wait eagerly without overdoing it?


La Tea Dah said...

That's a good question! It is difficult to be patient while waiting. Right now I'm waiting for my son to come home from college. Classes are over, but he has to wait for a long-enough break from work to get from there to here --- and set up all his computer gear for the next work shift. I'm getting better at patience, though.

Love, love, love your strawberry picture!

{ T G L } said...

What a wise post: short and sweet! Yes, I've been waiting for good things too... like the coming summer. But also realize I have to learn to be content with the things that are right here, right now :)

Enjoy the strawberries!

This Good Life

Alex Zorach said...

It's funny, here where I am, strawberry season has come and gone!

I'm not much of a waiter. I like to savor fruit when it is ripe, but when it's ripening I am out seeking new patches of fruit...always trying to discover new wild fruit.

Marilyn said...

How exciting to get your first strawberry. I do look forward to berry season, as it is a very good thing. Waiting can be very hard some times.

massagematters said...

Let me know when you figure out how to wait on good things patiently! I struggle with waiting...trying not to focus on what is to come and be in the moment. It is difficult.

Alice said...

Oh! I have to ask - What kind of strawberries are those, if you know? I've tried to grow them before but they are always really small, miniscule actually. I kept telling myself that it's not my gardening skills, but I'm not convinced.

Angela McRae said...

What a terrific photo of this long-awaited strawberry! (I absolutely stink at waiting, so I admire your patience in this regard!)