Saturday, June 16, 2012

Iced Pineapple Mint

Iced Pineapple Mint
*Read about the book below

Pineapple mint is such a pretty and aromatic plant that yields a spectacular iced tisane.  Thanks to Alex for the recommendation!
This variegated version of apple mint is aggressive/invasive, so if you plant it, keep it well-contained.  (I am benefiting from a garden neighbor's overrun.)  Preparation couldn't be easier:  I simply snipped the plant, rinsed it, rubbed the leaves a bit, shoved them into a teapot (stalks and all),  and steeped with boiling water for 20 minutes.  I let it cool in the fridge and enjoyed this incredibly refreshing drink. 

How to describe its flavor? First, it's not pineapple-flavored.  Not sure how it got that name.  It is less intense on the menthol than other mints, which makes it nice for those of you who find peppermint or spearmint too strong.  The hot tisane is nice, but I agree with Alex.  This one really shines when cold.  I'm at a loss to think of something more refeshing.  I'll be enjoying many glasses this summer.

The herbal tea becomes an attractive yellow-green.  I love how the evening sun is captured in the "rays" on this pressed glass pitcher.  The pitcher belonged to my grandmother.

* About the book:  The glass at the top is sitting on the book Wildwood, a NY Times bestseller.  I read this rather thick volume in 3 days.  It's fun because the setting is Forest Park, in Portland.  (Wildwood Trail is the park's most famous hiking path.)  It even mentions Pittock Mansion.  Go here to watch a video with the author, Colin Meloy and the illustrator (also his wife), Carson Ellis.  Meloy also belongs to the band The Decemberists.  


Steph said...

Thanks to Brett of Phoenix Teas in Burien, WA for the book recommendation.

Marilyn said...

Everytime I have seen this book at New Seasons I have been tempted to pick it up. Thanks!

Hayley said...

Hi Steph, great post & blog!

I'd love to chat to you about your blog and Ahmad Tea, if you could email me at hayley [at] that would be great!



Alex Zorach said...

I'm glad you liked this!

I agree that many of the mints, including this one, don't exactly resemble what they are described as. I find pineapple sage and pineapple weed are similar, although perhaps a bit more pineappley than pineapple mint.

"Chocolate mint" is another does taste vaguely chocolatey, but only vaguely so. But it's very good. And of course, "orange mint"...I think that one tastes more like basil than orange, but I also love it in tea.

Angela McRae said...

Oh boy, I happen to have some Pineapple Mint (which I have heretofore used only to make simple syrup), so I will try this. And what a pretty and shapely pitcher—love you that are using a family piece!

Mark Twain said...
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