Thursday, May 31, 2012

Picnic at Pittock Mansion

View from the grounds of Pittock Mansion, looking across the city to Mt. Hood

The DH and I recently visited Pittock Mansion, an historic landmark and city park in Portland. The grand old home sits high on a hill in Forest Park, overlooking the city and its rivers, and on a clear day, with views of five mountains.

The mansion was built in the early 1900's and was home to Henry and Georgiana Pittock.  I admire these two visionaries.  Henry worked his way from poverty to owning the Oregonian (the local paper).  He was an avid hiker and bicyclist, riding until the very end of his life.  In addition to hosting some of the earliest rose shows in the region, Georgiana dedicated herself to improving the welfare of women and children.  Clearly, they were a power couple dedicated to improving the lives of those in the community.  "With great power comes great responsibility."  ~Voltaire
Mt. St. Helens

We enjoyed a picnic with this customized blanket from my sister.  It's from the Thirty One company.

The blanket is just the right size for two adults to share.  The backing is lined so that it's moisture-resistant, while the inside is soft fleece.
We enjoyed apple-walnut lettuce wraps.  Super simple and super fast to pull together.  Chop apples, walnuts and celery and dress with honey and lemon.  Serve with fresh leaf lettuce (lucky me, ours from the garden.)  Yummy, fast and healthy!

View from our picnic spot

Now let's go inside the mansion...

The marble staircase

 View of the back lawn

Sewing Room

Ready for tea in the sewing room, where Georgiana and her friends worked to raise funds for various causes.

If you're in Portland on a sunny and clear day, Pittock Mansion is worth it!  You can enjoy the grounds and the views for free.  The entrance inside is $8.50.


Marilyn said...

I just love visiting the Pittock Mansion and it is a great place to take visitors. A picnic on the lawn is just perfect.

relevanttealeaf said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this post! I love touring elegant homes that have been preserved and are now open to the public. Your picnic on the grounds looked fun too! Love the customized blanket.

Linda J. said...

Beautiful!! The Pittock Mansion is the only place I visited on my one-day trip to Portland years ago.

Brett said...

I just read the fantasy novel Wildwood by Colin Meloy. (A great book IMO.) It's set in a mysterious forest near Portland OR and features a Pittock Mansion. Now I know where the inspiration came from!

Angela McRae said...

What an all-around delight! Love the newspaper connection *and* the sewing room with teawares!