Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tea Under the Scope and other Science Adventures

Looking at tea under the microscope

Spent a few days recently at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  (I highly recommend it!)  One of the activities was a science lab.  How cool to be able to look at TEA under a microscope!  I should have taken a snapshot of coffee - they do look different.

Below, we are performing a science experiment with a peacock feather. 
Peacock feather experiment

Love this photo below!  :-)  The niece and I are excavating a Terracotta Warrior.  What's so cool about this is that I saw these in person last fall on the grand tea tour!  Fun times.
Excavating Terracotta Warriors


massagematters said...


Teafan said...

Cool to look at tea under the microscope!

Colleen said...

Yeh for the Terracotta Warriors and for science labs!!

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