Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thyme for Tea (and Lemonade)

Fresh Thyme

Just in time for Memorial Day...let's talk about thyme tea and lemonade!  I'm learning to love this herb.  Its small purple flowers attract bees and make pretty, edible garnish.  We like to throw sprigs of it into salads.  I think I'll try adding it to my bath water.  The herb itself has many other uses, including an herbal tisane. 
The flavor of this infusion is slightly bitter and medicinal, but in a GOOD way. I like its bite.  Part of thyme's chemical makeup includes thymol, an antiseptic and an ingredient in mouthwash.  I'm planning to drink up this tisane the next time I have a cold.  (It's a year-round hearty herb in the Pacific Northwest.)

I wanted to experiment with adding thyme "tea" to lemonade.  Wowzer, we like it! Thyme provides a subtle, but definite, foundation.  It reminds me of margaritas, without the alcohol but with the bite.  Definitely making this again!

Thyme Lemonade
2 cups of strong thyme "tea" (I steeped mine for 45 minutes)
1 cup of water
1 cup of lemon juice
1/2 cup (or less) honey or sugar

How do you use this pretty herb?


Marilyn said...

It does grow year round in my garden. I use it in a lemon chicken recipe I cook and adds a nice touch. Again I see the lemon/thyme combination. I do believe I will be now trying it in lemonade.

relevanttealeaf said...

LOVE this post and photos, Steph! I don't grow thyme, but maybe I should give it a try!

Teafan said...

I think I need to grow some of this!

amherstrose said...

Such pretty photos. The flowers look so sweet and delicate.
I found some bottles of sparkling lemonade at Big Lots the other day and will try this very soon. I am loving this series of posts.

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful. I like to read about your experiments with tisanes.

The Tea Enthusiast's Scrapbook said...

Hi Steph,

Great post! Your photos are beautiful. The thyme lemonade sounds refreshing.

I use thyme on most of my chicken dishes and in some soups. It adds a wonderful flavor.



Rosemary said...

Fun post on thyme. I've made lavendar lemonade and rosemary lemonade, but will now have to try thyme lemonade! There are many varieties of thyme, and I think wooley thyme is my favorite for its ornamental use in the garden. It's definitely a 'must have' in the fairy garden!