Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some Indulgences

Awesome artwork/vase from Flor; flowers from the garden

Summer scarf I whipped up in 15 minutes; thanks CO Tealover for the fabric!

Gift from the DH

Weekend with girlfriends, including the Aji Spa

I hope you are indulging yourself, at least a little!


Marilyn said...

Indulgences are a very good thing. Love seeing each of your, especially that last one at a spa with friends. That is perfection.

Marlena said...

love those toes. We all need indulgences sometimes, keeps us sane.

Anonymous said...

Love that scarf! How did you make it?

Steph said...
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Steph said...

The scarf is simply edge-stitched all around, then unraveled two threads on each side for a bit of texture. It's cotton lawn, very light and airy.

Also, the plant in the teacup is lariope.