Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tea in the Desert

These hills frame the horizon when looking out from my friend's home in Arizona.  There's something that calls me to reflect upon contrasts when brewing tea in the desert.  Wet and dry, sun and shade, hot and cold, brittle and pliable, bitter and sweet, these contrasts are present both in tea and desert.

We brewed three teas in gong fu style.  We started with a Huang Shan green, then a Wuyi Oolong and finally a Shou Pu-erh.

Contrast of dry leaf and wet.  Above:  Shou pu-erh ball.  Below:  Spent leaves from the three brews.  The pu-erh is the darkest on the bottom.

Like beautiful desert flowers that add vibrancy to a subdued desert landscape, my friends were the heart of this tea brewing experience.  It was an honor to make tea for them.

I'm grateful for this chance to share many small cups with my amazing friends!


Rosemary said...

Fun! Friendship! Tea! Great combination!

relevanttealeaf said...

What a LOVELY post, Stephanie!

Jennifer said...

We were the one blessed with the tea ceremony, Steph! Your poetic writing and beautiful photos captured the essence perfectly.

Marilyn said...

How fun to see you sharing tea with good friends. That is what tea is all about right there in those pictures.

Diane said...

Also blessed by the presence of true friends and a special tea ceremony
are Jen's family, far away in distance but always close in heart.

With gratitude for the joy you brought to AZ, Diane (Jen's MoM).