Sunday, July 01, 2012

A Little Breakfast Picnic at the Rose Garden

A recent regular day was elevated to specialness by a little breakfast picnic at the International Rose Test Garden.  I left early this day so that I could have an hour to myself to browse the garden.  I wanted a few moments of private solitude.  There were a handful of others milling about the roses, but we respectfully gave one another wide swaths of space.
The DH had made strawberry scones, whole wheat and delicious!  I packed them along with some Oregon cherries and a thermos of pineapple mint herbal tea.  I sat on a bench and took in the views of the roses and the surrounding ring of towering evergreen trees.
But I didn't sit long, as there were many roses to see  We're very lucky to have this public garden.  The roses bloom from late spring through September.

Where would you choose to have a solo little breakfast picnic?


Colleen said...

I'm as taken with your tea print napkins (I'm guessing?) as with the scone and roses- what can I say? The roses are beautiful and I can almost smell them- but please do tell us about your double layer napkins/wraps!

La Tea Dah said...

Lovely breakfast in the perfect place!

If I could choose anyplace at all to have a solo, meditative breakfast, it would be just across the street from where you were --- at the Japanese Gardens. I think that's one of the most beautifully serene gardens on Earth.

Since I'm too far away --- I'm going to pick a quiet spot along the Snake River --- sitting on a rock by the shore.

Steph said...

Colleen - They are reuseable snack bags:

Angela McRae said...

Hmmm ... I'd probably choose a garden too. I'd love if it were a secret garden that looked like the one with the pretty stairsteps Marilyn recently showed on her blog. Of course now you've made me want to go here to this Rose Garden as well!