Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Taxonomical Tea Box Poster

I received this very informative and thorough tea poster recently, a gift from a colleague.  It's perfect for a tea geek like me!  The poster is produced by Pop Chart Lab.  Whomever pulled together the content has a depth of tea knowledge.  I was pleased to find the "Dark Tea" category present.  In that category, it includes Pu-Erh and other more obscure teas.  I was a little surprised to see Rooibos on the list (and not called out as "herbal"), but I think that's a testament to the popularity of this tisane.

Here's the description from the website, "Placed into 7 taxonomical boxes - with compartments for Black, Green, Dark, Oolong, White, Rooibos and Yellow - and further classified by country of origin, this spot-on selection features 104 tea types in all, from Darjeeling to Early Grey to the full complement of famous Chinese leaves."  

It's a useful study aid and I'm grateful to have a limited print (#08/500).  The poster even came with unrolling instructions! It's hanging in my cube at work and I've even used it for a few tea educational discussions. 


Marilyn said...

I like it. Thanks for sharing!
What a thoughtful gift for a tea geek indeed.

Teafan said...

yes, I'm sure this would make a tea geek's heart go thump-thump.

Angela McRae said...

What a cool poster, and I'm impressed that a colleague knew how much you would enjoy this!