Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Making Space

Taking time to find flowers in the early spring helps me keep my sense of joy

Busyness, an epidemic.  I'm sure we've all felt its weight.  I've been very busy at work, leading up to a giant trade show next week.  I've been consciously paying attention to my center, trying to maintain a calm state.  I think I've been better able to do so this year as compared to last.

To do so, I have to make space for regular moments of peace.  For me, this often involves tea. Other self-care practices that work for me include exercise, nature walks and journaling.  I also need to ensure I eat well and get plenty of sleep.  I've been working into a meditation practice (5 minutes is where I'm starting).

Small breaks make a big difference for me!

Something else I find helpful is re-framing.  Yes, I'm very busy but I also feel very fortunate to enjoy the work I'm doing. The busyness has difficult moments, but my experience is far more good than bad.  I am grateful. I try to focus on the good parts rather than allowing the relatively small uncomfortable parts to claim more than their fair share of attention.

I'm not perfect and have plenty of mental demons to battle.  I can fall into a spiraling story of panic, "Ahhhh!  I'm so busy, how will I get it all done?!"  

How do you make space for sanity in the midst of too much busyness?


Marilyn said...

Pausing for tea, wrapping hands around the warm cup, and then breathe for a few moments, including thoughts of gratefulness. Oh yes, those are definitely the way to curb the stress of busyness. Good luck and thoughts go with you as you do the trade show. I remember last year that you took time for tea, how I loved seeing you do that.

David said...

You inspire me, Steph, as always. :) One thing I've been finding helpful recently is to remind myself — in terms as specific and concrete as possible (e.g., next Tuesday, at 4:00 p.m.) — that my current state of overwhelmedness will end.

For better or worse, the deadline will arrive, I'll do the best I can, make my mistakes as gracefully as possible, and then it will be over. And I will still be there. And so will tea, my tiny dog, and my wonderful friends.

Bonnie Eng said...

I'm in total agreement with you Stephanie, nature walks (with my cocker spaniel, Fred) and a cup of good tea are my stress relievers of choice. Love this post, a great reminder to make time to take care yourself. :)

Siret said...

Dear Steph,
vou are so right! Breaks are very important - for body and soul!
And tea is a very good friend to enjoy special moments!
Best wishes for your trade show
and sunny greetings - Siret

Angela McRae said...

Oh, you're singing my song today! I'm grateful for the new jobs and responsibilities I've received, but I end some days thinking, how will I get it all done? I think my sanity, like yours, is improved by having a few quiet moments each day. I try to pray each morning first thing and ask the Lord for a well-ordered day. I think simply being conscious of asking for one is a help. Good luck to you as you navigate your busy time as well!