Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Beaches and Tea

Take a look at this blog, Tea Masters.

Today's entry is an entertaining, and at the same time poignant, comparison of the beach and tea tasting. The article is lovely to read. Stephane's language in his description of how to use a gaiwan to taste a new tea is delicious. I particularly enjoy his description of the different ways to pour the water..."pour the first water with a strength in harmony"..."pour the water in a circle on the rim."

Thank you, Stephane, for sharing your knowledge, skills, and imagery!


Stephane said...

There is a lot we seem to have in common (tea, blogging, a similar name...). But there is one difference, a (sometimes) very big one, lol :)) Can you see it in this post?

If it's not clear enough, then go here:

(No need to apologize, by the way. It happens all the time with my American friends!!)

Stephane said...

Thanks for the correction in your blog. I just have to add that you mistook me for a female, otherwise readers wouldn't understand this blog.

The mistake happens often: St├ęphane is the French name for Stephen and Americans always read it Stephanie.