Sunday, July 17, 2005

Simple Things Sustain Me

Sitting on my front porch this morning and sharing a pot of Black Pearl tea with my DH (dear husband), I sat content and happy in the mere simpleness of daily living. There were a number of exciting events to watch: the hummingbird working the red bee balm, the little brown bird hopping around the plants and eating bugs, the cardinal zipping in and out, a number of birds bathing in the puddle on the street.

My desire is to take more pleasure in life's simple gifts, and let the commercial expectations of our society slip away from me. Not an easy goal; one that I must work at continually.

Here is another example of recent simple delights. Last week at the Farmer's Market, the DH purchased a carton of eggs - the friendly kind. Imagine my delight when I opened them to discover beautiful blue and brown eggs! Why are store eggs white? They look sterile to me - and not in a good way. These lovely blue and brown eggs are almost too pretty to use! An added touch is the memory these eggs invoke. I remember my Grandma LolaBelle getting fresh eggs (brown and speckled ones) from her neighbor. Grandma's opinion was that brown eggs tasted better!

It is humid, humid in the Midwest today! I went for a walk this morning and came back drenched - not so much from the heat of things, but from the condensation. Ah, but this humidity is what makes the climate conducive to other things I love, like gardens and greenery. So I'll take it. And, the humidity certainly doesn't curb my desire for hot tea. Not even a smidgen.

Regarding the Black Pearl tea, this is truly a gem! It's made from a base of black and jasmine teas, and scented with vanilla. It's aroma is glorious, and it requires no sugar or milk. It's a very smooth tea, with a sweetness to it. See for details.

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Allison said...

Steph, those eggs are fantastic! I wish I could see the blue chickens that laid them. ;)