Monday, July 11, 2005

From Afghanistan, to London, to Home

This weekend was sad for me. When I read the news about the continued violence in Afghanistan and other middle east countries, done both by us and to us, I felt helpless. This is a war I never believed in. And I feel so sad for ALL families who lose sisters, daughters, sons, brothers, fathers, mothers to this horrific example of barbaric humanity.

The news of bombings in London was hard to read. Tho I was heartened when I visited Cup of Tea and a Blog for stories of British resilience.

Sunday morning was definitely a low point as I read in the local paper of a small bomb that had been thrown into the local Islamic mosque. I am happy that my church sent a delegation to this group to show solidarity and compassion.

I feel like Pu-Erh tea - bringing me deeper into my roots. But maybe what I need is a fresh green - pulling me out into the buds of new hope.

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Connie said...

Steph - I have to stop watching and listening to the news at times since it is only focused on violence of the war. I was against this war from the begining but of course I support the troups to the max. Hopefully it will all work out..we can only pray.