Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I tasted Pawpaws for the first time recently. Pawpaws are a delightful "wild" fruit grown in the woods of the Midwest. I say "wild" because I don't know of anyone that grows them intentionally. They're a large fruit that grows on the pawpaw tree. The fruit is ripe when it falls to the ground, usually around mid September. The soft flesh tastes like a mango-banana-custard. The best way to eat a pawpaw is to simply slice it open and enjoy! The only trouble with pawpaws is getting them. They are a special treat, enjoyed by squirrels and raccoons and many other forest critters. Humans have to hurry to gather one! My rather observant DH (dear husband) found these.


Anonymous said...

I've heard of the elusive pawpaw, but never seen one! Thanks for sharing! I wonder...what tea goes well with mango-banana-custard? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey - nice photo, gypsy girl!