Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tea in the Movies...National Velvet

I watched an old favorite last night, National Velvet. I found even more reasons to love this movie! Never before had I noticed all the "tea moments" in the movie. Two of my favorite things in this world - tea and horses! Now that makes a great movie!

Tea figures quite prominently in the movie. How did I miss this before? Probably because the last time I watched the movie was at least 15 years ago!

Here are a couple of my favorite tea scenes....

* Velvet (a very young Elizabeth Taylor) is upset because she didn't win "The Pie" (the horse) in a town raffle. Her mother brings her a cup of tea for comfort.

* Mi (also young Mickey Rooney) goes in to talk with Mr. and Mrs. Brown in the parlor. He has a cup of tea and pours it into his saucer to drink.

* Mrs. Brown brings tea to Mr. Brown. (He is deflated that Velvet won't allow Pie to be "in the pictures" and make money). Mrs. Brown prepares tea for Mr -- milk-in-first. Both she and Mr. Brown take sugar. It appears as though they take 2 lumps!

Here's a little trivia fact - Did you know that the studio gave Pie (the horse) to Liz Taylor after filming?


Anonymous said...
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Christine said...

A girl after my own heart! I love finding tea (and coffee) moments in movies. In fact, I've got a whole section on my blog just for this kind of stuff. I'm ashamed to say I don't have a copy of Velvet in my DVD library. Time to go get one! Thanks!!