Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bunnies in our garden!

We've got a family of baby bunnies in our garden! They're welcome, as long as they don't eat my strawberries that are starting to grow!! I think the DH and I saw the "weaning ceremony" on Monday. We were walking out about 7:30 am for a run, and the mamma bunny was pushing one of the bunnies away from her. Another bunny tried to nurse, and the mamma bunny was not allowing it. Later that day, I snapped the shot of this little one. There were 3 total. There are two girls and one boy (I'm just making this up!). I named them: Bonnie, Bennie, and Bunny. The DH added the last name of "Foo Foo" from the children's song that, while annoyingly catchy, is not-so-kind if you pay attention to the words.

These photos are of Bunny Foo Foo. :-)


Anonymous said...

How Cute!!!! Gosh...I should had my camera when that deer was eating my veggie garden or trying to :( - Connie

Anonymous said...

Very cute picture. Tell Tom to bring them to our house to play with Possum. (Gary would love it)

BEWARE Strawberries!!!

Anonymous said...

CUTE!!!!!!! I love bun-rabs. I guess they decided your side of the fence was safer ;)

Anonymous said...

I love it! "There are two girls and one boy (I'm just making this up)." - I make stuff up all the time just to make life more enjoyable! Thanks for makin me smile once again!

~ annie

Allison said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

How cute! But what I wanna know - do you think they'll grow up to like TEA?