Monday, May 15, 2006

Great Gatsby Gala

The DH (dear husband) and I attended the Great Gatsby Gala last Friday. It was a fund raiser for a local arts agency. The theme was inspired by the community's "One Book" campaign, in which the whole community is supposed to read and discuss a book. In this case, Great Gatsby.

The party was great fun for me! Even the introverted DH had a nice time. Everything was Gatsby-themed, including the "speakeasy." We started with Charleston lessons and then the Stardusters band played swing tunes for the duration of the evening. Most folks were dressed in Gatsby-ish costumes. I went with the "Daisy" look (vs. the flapper look). I'm glad because there were lots of flappers!

I owe special thanks to two people who really helped with my outfuit! Thanks to NM Tea Lover for loaning the cloche hat and the lace gloves! Thanks to my neighbor, costumer extraordinaire, for helping pull the whole thing together! It was really fun....both the planning and the actual event. I've discovered I really like costume parties. :-)

By the way, the fur I'm wearing below is real mink. I don't make a habit of wearing fur, but I picked this up at a yard sale in NM a number of years ago for about $25. It's in great condition. While my neighbor and I were experimenting with the outfit, I reached into the pocket of the mink and pulled out the original receipt. I didn't know the receipt was there. Apparently, I've got expensive taste - it sold for $450, probably in the 50s!


NM Tea Lover said...

You look great! What a wonderful costume. I'm so glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Steph! Terrific look and terrific costome....Wow...what fun!!! - connie

Sally said...

Stephanie, you look great as Daisy - and I love the hat. Also the flowers on the walk are lovely too.

Allison said...

You look lovely! What nice photos!

Thu Ngo said...


I was on Google looking for Gatsby costumes, and of course, the only things I could find were cartoony-looking flapper costumes. I LOVE your dress though - did your neighbor make it? Or did you buy it from somewhere? Where would I find something like that?