Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bday Cake and Poem

Well, today I turn 34! My friend Kim, a baker extraordinaire, made this lovely cake for me. It's a golden cake with chocolate-sour cream icing (2 kinds of chocolate!). It's wonderful! I had a piece last night and again for breakfast!

Here's a poem that I wrote recently about the blessings in my life.

Riches of My Life

A yellow daffodil and the scent of geranium

A safe home

Wealth enough to give me plenty of what I need and, thankfully,
Only some of what I want

A spirit and will that are my own

A body that I have befriended

A steadfast family

A life partner who challenges me, loves me, and feeds me -
My body and my soul

Friends that touch my heart

A mind that can discern its own truths

Enough pain and loss to make what I have
Ever sweeter

Plans and dreams

My life is 34 years beautiful
And I am present
I am flowing -
Flowing over with gratitude

and the DH, first thing this morning


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a wonderful day. Your cake is beautiful! I am really enjoying reading the blogs on your trip, too. Well, I will call you later to chat. Enjoy YOUR day!

Teafan said...

Happy B-day! Love the poem and the photo of the DH and you. And of course, the cake!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! Oh to be 34 years young again! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie,

Loved your poem and hope your day has been special. You have such an appreciation for life and I hope you are blessed with many more lovely birthdays to celebrate with those you love.

The cake looks divine!

Mary Jane

Steve said...

I must know what shirt your DH is wearing. It looks very familiar but I can't make it out!