Friday, March 02, 2007

Green Tea Shake

Now I'll wrap up the "two weeks of teas" theme - at least for the week prior to the London trip.

The DH (dear hubbie), my visiting friend, and I went to Cafe Django for dinner. It's one of my favorite local spots. It serves an eclectic blend of food.

To our surprise and delight, on the menu was a Green Tea Shake. We ordered one and split it three ways.

It was very yummy! The green tea flavor was pleasant and mild.

Here's a photo of the DH and me. The DH is sporting his best "smile for the camera" pose. He finds on-demand smiling to be a real challenge. I love this photo!


Anonymous said...

I continue to enjoy your page and blog. I see that Tom is sporting his mountain man look again. I was also delighted to see a link to John's blog on your page since I've sort of lost track of him. Well back to work, love

Anna said...

Oh yes, and how exciting - the trip to London. Wish i was going with you!!! Hopefully you'll keep us updated with photos and a travelogue.
Anna again (Powless, in case you haven't guessed already.)

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Chlo Chlo said...

That's a great picture! As someone who also finds 'on-demand smiling' a challenge, I laughed out loud when I saw this!

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