Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tea in London - March 2007 - Poem

This poem reflects my memories of our trip and the personalities of my companions. This is our group in the Atlanta airport, just prior to departure.

Tea in London – March, 2007
Denise, our organizer

Thanks to you, we are much wiser!
You planned our days,

Our teas, our ways –
I can’t imagine a trip any nicer!

With humor and grace,Sarah kept us on pace.
Through left-hand streets we drove

With fair Sarah did rove.
With stories and tales

We were regaled,
As we drove through the streets

To pursue tea-time treats.

“I feel like Cinderella”

Lori said to the fella
As from the Palace of Tea,
Delivered were we.

Judi and Meagan, Mom and her girl
Together they came

To give London a whirl
Meagan and siblings

Joined hand in hand
To send Mom to London
To visit Tea-land!

Ann, such a good sport

With lost bags at airport
She still dressed with style

And shared her lovely smile.

Linda, from Kentucky

My, aren’t we so lucky!
Rich stories she was giving

Of self-catered English living.

“Silly, silly man”

Sarah did reprimand
With his bus in the way

And for us would delay.

Mayonnaise her selection

to the tea-time connection,
Stephanie chose to proclaim

Home-town’s claim to tea fame.

“There’s a pink cab!”

Her camera, she did grab.
Mary Jane did delight

In the pink taxi sight.

Lovely Jane and dapper Tim

We learned so much in depth from them.
Of white and green and black and styles

Of regions, seasons – ‘cross the miles.

“Hot the pot and out the spout!”

Our quiet Nancy did shout.
In discussions of brewing

And the avoidance of stewing.

Without our Phyllis,

Where would we be?
Not here in London

To have British tea!

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound.

John Newton’s church in London found!
Thanks to Sandy, who made the connection
We’ll sing the hymn

With London recollection!

To Aunt Ida and Aunt Em

Sharing memories, thoughts of them
From their memories we rise,

Catch our dreams; lift our eyes.
To our heart’s next big dream,

Tea in Charleston with this team!


TeaLoverDenise said...

This poem is superb, Stephanie! You did a great job!

By the way, have you seen this? Looks like we aren't the only tea travelers on the planet!!

Take care,


Amy said...


I just got back from a long weekend trip to Charleston SC with my mom. I couldn't help but notice the last stanza of your poem. In fact, mom and I went on a tea tour of Charleston. It was actually a walking tour of the city by a beautiful older British woman who took up to her home andgarden for tea when the tour was over. It was so wonderul, I can't wait to tell you more about it.

Hope to see you soon. I have been enjoying all your pictures! Can't wait to hear more about the London trip.

xoxo Amy

K. said...

Stephanie, you are such a talented writer. You continue to amaze me!