Friday, March 02, 2007

Two Weeks of Teas, Starting with Canterbury

Tomorrow I depart for my London Tea Tour. I'm so excited I'm about to "jump out of my skin" as a work colleague describes it! :-) But the festivities began last Saturday with a visit to the Canterbury Inn in downtown Indianapolis. A group of women and I have been making the tea room rounds. This is our third trip.

The Canterbury Inn was very lovely. Quite posh, actually. We were lucky to have a room to ourselves.

The tea menu included blueberry and butterscotch scones; salmon, cucumber and candied walnut, and salami and spicy mustard sandwiches; and a wide variety of dainty chocolates, including a very tasty chocolate swan truffle. The food was plenty. We brought home enough sandwiches for everyone to take a few for a snack.

The teas were very good. We were served a black chai (the favorite) along with an almond-caramel ceylon. Another highlight was the rock sugar on a stick. We brought several of these home!

I must admit that the waitstaff seemed overloaded. We were sometimes forgotten. And, the tea sandwiches were dry. But aside from that, it was a lovely day! Especially the company!

While there, it started to sleet. Big, sloppy, slushy masses of sleet came down very quickly. The drive home took us double the normal time, but everyone arrived safely. For that we are grateful!

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