Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Iris as Big as My Head!

The DH grew these beauties! They really are as big as my head.

Interestingly, I almost feel guilty about making a fuss over these big iris because the little flowers are just as pretty. In fact, I'm rather partial to the tiny little flowers that often get overlooked. It's my anti-mainstream mindset. It seems that to be important, everything has to be big. (Big house, big car, big money, big ring, big television, big vacation, big ego....).
I actually think smaller is better in so many aspects of life. So here's to the little flowers, too!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those Iris are beautiful...not only the size, but the color. We have several Iris blooming in our yard right now, too. I love them! I don't remember them last year...I think they may have bloomed while we were on vacation...either that, or Tom planted them last year while we were on our girls weekend. Anyway, I'm really enjoying them. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening!
Love ya,

Jes said...

OH WOW!! They are FABULOUS!!!!