Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tea in Charleston

This tour sounds magnificent! The tour organizer (Denise) is the same woman who created the Tea in London tour, so I know that this experience will be full of tea delights and luxury. In particular, the opportunities to see the Charleston Tea Plantation and meet James Norwood Pratt are quite enticing to me. The Charleston Tea Plantation is the only production-level plantation in the US. (There are a couple of test plots in the Northeast and in Hawaii.) Norwood Pratt has written what many consider the modern bible of tea, A Tea Lover's Treasury. I often refer to this handbook, particularly when I'm looking up a specific type of tea.

The other events sound incredible, as well! I've always wanted to visit South Carolina.

See the detailed itinerary here.

I regret that I can't make the date of this tour, but Denise plans another excursion in May, 2008. I am definitely planning on that one!

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Teafan said...

Wow - this is soooo cool! I'm gonna go look at my schedule right now!