Friday, May 04, 2007

The Post I Deleted

I just deleted a post where I was ranting and raving about work. Why delete it? It was therapeutic to write, but not helpful in the big picture. I'll just take that frustrated energy and put more effort into not taking things personally.

On that topic, I recommend a great book - The Four Agreements. I'm re-reading it and working on Agreement #2 - Don't Take Things Personally. Maybe my work challenges are a chance to make this real.

Happy Friday! The iris are beginning to bloom and life is, when I look at the big picture, very good for me.


Steve said...

We want a rant!
We want a rant!

Allison said...

Beautiful iris (what is the plural of iris anyway??)!
I understand the desire to rant, completely. I bake cupcakes when the going gets tough, but not before I have a good long rant. It's healthy (unline the cupcakes)!

Kas said...

I hope things are better soon.

Anna P. said...

Started to think what I do when I feel the need to rant? And that is exactly what I do, rant to whichever good friend is willing to listen. It is a cleansing process but need to be careful not to bring others down. I so perfectly understand this about work, Steph. Irises are a picture of serenity to me. There you have it; the plural.