Saturday, August 18, 2007


I've been learning and experiencing a new (to me) tea beverage called kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented black tea beverage praised by those who drink it for its health properties. (Note: Minimal research is available to support this, tho anecdotes abound. The health claims stretch back to the Qin Dynasty in China (~250 BC).) If any of you have tasted or made this drink, please chime in with your experiences!

I first became acquainted with kombucha after the DH (dear hubby) came home from a recent class on lacto-fermentation of foods. In this class, he sampled kombucha and was very excited for me because of its black tea connection.

My next encounter happened just a few days ago, when the DH mentioned that a bottled form of Kombucha (flavored with juice) was available at the food coop where he works. I headed out the next day to grab a bottle and give it a try!

The brand was Synergy, and the kombucha was billed as an "organic & raw" beverage. The ingredients: 95% organic kombucha and raspberry juice. (Synergy offers other flavors, too.)

I didn't know what to expect. It smelled and tasted a little like vinegar, with an ever-so-slightly sweet edge (emphasis on the slight). The drink had a subtle natural fizziness from the fermentation. I drank it on the front porch during a hot, hot, humid, humid evening and found the beverage very refreshing. A little went a long way.

I liked it and would drink it again. It's not something to swill down, but rather to sip slowly. I imagine some of you will find its taste unpleasant. I encourage you to try it with an open mind and an experimental palate.

There are several other Synergy flavors available, and I want to try them all. I hope to take the lacto-fermentation class this fall, with the intent on learning more about making this interesting beverage for myself! I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Wow - that does sound interesting!

Allison said...

I have seen this drink in my local health food store but was scared away by the word "fermented" on the label. I'll have to get my courage up and give it a try. :)

MEP said...

What are the nutritionals on Kombucha? I like the smell of vinegar so I may enjoy it . . .

Jennifer said...

We've been drinking this since the spring, when Kenny discovered it at the health food store. Our favorites are the raspberry and the ginger one. The ginger one is great for an upset tummy. We usually drink 2-4 ounces of kombucha at a time, and just a few times a week. It purports to help keep friendly lactobacillus in the gut. There was an article recently in "Alternative Medicine" magazine on kombucha and starter kits for making it. I will look it up and send you a copy!

Blogging My Life Away said...

I will have to seek this out and give it a try! I am always up for a new "drink" :)