Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Measure of Success

Success is relative, and I was reminded of that this morning! For the DH, success equates to potting soil.

The DH (dear hubby) is a passionate gardener. In fact, he's become a plant provider for a local greenhouse. The owner comes by a few times each year and buys up a number of baby plants that the DH has going in our own backyard nursery. She's coming to visit again today.

DH: "I'm hoping to sell a bunch of baby jade plants today."
Me: "Oh, great! How many do you plan to sell?"
DH: "I'll be happy to sell about $30-worth. That's enough to buy 2 1/2 bags of potting soil!!!"

Here are a few flower photos I snapped just after this conversation.

Heavenly Blues, morning glories (the not-so-invasive kind)

Yard art, from salvaged materials

The bottom is a bike fork, the head is resting on part of a tikki torch the DH drug out of a dumpster, the head is a bike rim and I have no idea what the "ears" are

Love-Lies-Bleeding, related to amaranth

Sunflower; I just stumbled upon this interesting spiritual discussion of Love-Lies-Bleeding and Sunflowers

And from a speck of dirt to a speck of light.....I encourage you to read this by Carl Sagan.


John said...

I like that name 'love lies bleeding.' With all these crazy sculptures Tom is putting together you'll be know by your neighbors as 'that house with all the crazy sculptures.' Speaking of sunflowers, it is you know in the mountains here they are going crazy. I rode up the sandia crest yesterday and they dotted the side of the road frequently.

Anonymous said...

Tom's flowers look even more beautiful than when I was there earlier. I do like his yard art piece. I'm looking forward to what he comes up with in your new yard.

Allison said...

It is amazing how perspective can change everything!

Your flowers are lovely :)