Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Faces

These little jonquil blossoms remind me of happy faces. They greet me on the kitchen windowsill and make me smile!
The DH and I (well, mostly the DH) planted them on New Year's Day.


AZ Tea Lover said...

Oh, how I wish I had bulbs bursting forth... I will be content with the lovely snapdragons and petunias that have managed to bloom all winter in the desert, even with a few light frosts. Thanks for sharing the happy faces.

artandtea said...

Oh, what a lovely greeting every time you step into your kitchen!
You reminded me of a time many years ago when my daughter and I were shopping for plants for our spring garden. She said that the little violas (jonny jump ups) reminded her of happy faces.
Thanks for sharing and for reminding me of a very happy memory.

Alice said...

I don't think any other flowers are so welcome as the first spring bulbs, even when they are blooming indoors.